High Tensile Bronze Casting

High Tensile Bronze Casting

The tensile brasses HTB1, HTB2, HTB3 exhibit high strengths and cost less than comparable high strength alloys. These high tensile brasses are used extensively for wear-resisting applications. They are also used for marine propellers, pump impellers and valve bodies, but are liable to dezincification in sea water. Of all high tensile brasses HTB1 is the most widely used alloy, whereas HTB2, in spite of its higher strength, is not so popular due to its lower corrosion resistance. HTB3 has the highest strength of all the copper base casting alloys but is susceptible to stress corrosion, which limits its applications to those involving wholly compressive stresses.

Manganese bronze is similar of high tensile brass. This alloy also available in different combination like leaded, low leaded or lead free. This material is fair for corrosion resistance for marine & mildly acidic environment. Extrusion rod of manganese bronze or high tensile brass is best to use for welding rods, marine fittings, valve, high strength components, steam bodies, shafts & other architectural applications.

Type :
  • IS 320/80
  • HT-1 is suitable for soldering.
  • HT-2 is suitable for machining.
  • BS 2874 - CZ 114
  • BS 2874 - CZ 115
High Tensile Bronze Casting

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