Gun Metal

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We Offer Bronze fittings Bronze Castings Copper Castings Brass casting Die casting sand casting centrifugal casting Stainless Steel investment casting Brass fittings Brass parts Bronze parts Turned parts machined castings etc from our non ferrous foundry in jamnagar India. Our sand casting foundry can produce various Bronze alloys Gunmetal castings etc.

Typical uses for our products are as follows: -

Gun Metal :
Pressures tight bearing, Bushes, Pumps & Pump Fittings, Valves, Valve Bodies & valve Guides under corrosive marine condition, Cast Components such as actuating nuts, Valve, Pump, & similar components at normal temperatures under corrosive condition, Hardware Fittings, Plumbing Fixtures, Valve Bodies, Pump Bodies, Elbows, Pipes, Taps & Cocks & other hydraulic fittings where pressure tight properties are important, Pump & Valve Parts, Oil Pumps, Bushes of Medium strength, Railway Bearings, Engine Components, Tractor parts & Pressure Components.
Phosphorus Bronze :
Bearing for aero - engines, Diesel Engine, Electrical generators & Rolling Mills, Gear & Worm wheels. Pressure Vessels, Pump Bodies, Casting & Impellers for chemical plants similar to PBI-C Bearing, Bushes for lighter duties.
Leaded Bronze :
Bearings in mining imaginary in corrosive water condition, for unlined bearings under poor lubrication condition, Mill bearings, Railway bearings and bearings for the oil industry, Bushes chill cast, Centrifugally & continuously cast, LIning for steel backed motor and higher temperatures than white metal Linings.
Aluminium Bronze :
Propellers, Pump impellers, Pump and valve parts, Bearing wear rings, Marine hardware, Pickling hooks and baskets and in the petroleum, Oil and chemical industries.
High Tensile Brass :
Components highly stressed at normal temperatures, Marine casting & fittings, Hydraulic equipment, Locomotive axle boxes, Pump casting, Heavy rolling mill housing nuts, Spur & gear, Wheels which are heavily loaded & slow moving.
Brass :
Valves, Cocks, Plumbing fittings, Hardware & ornamental casting, marine Fittings, Casting for the electrical trade, Brush holders. Pipe Fittings, Gas Fittings, Door and furniture fitting, Switchgear bush holders, Pump bodies, Bolts, Nuts and Plates for heat exchange Equipment & small machine parts, Flanges, End palters & fittings for marine application, Similar application to SCB5-C and for imitation Jewellery.